July 9 2018

Enjoy Your New Home Faster with 6 Ways to Ease Moving Challenges

by Kelley

Moving Tips

Now that you’ve completed your final walk through with the builder, it’s time to move in to your brand new home. The adventure that awaits is exciting but the process of the actual move can keep you from enjoying this great accomplishment. We all wait in anticipation for the days when smart home technology offers an option for the home to pack itself but until that day here are a few tips that will help moving challenges seem a little less challenging.


1.    Pack One Room at a Time
Packing room by room is your best chance to stay organized throughout the moving process. Label where each box goes and pack them next to each other in the moving truck or car. Once you reach your new home, this allows for easy navigation of where everything goes so there won’t be a sea of boxes in the hallway for days.


2.    De-Clutter Before You Pack
Before you put anything into a box, take the opportunity to organize your things and finally get rid of all those items you’ve been meaning to donate for the past year. In each room, start three piles labeled “Keep”, “Donate” and “Toss”. This ultimately saves you time and money because you’ll have fewer items to load on a truck and less to unpack when you reach your destination.


3.    Prepare Your Home for the Move
Nothing dampers the appeal of enjoying a blemish free home like moving damage so if possible, prep your floors by taping down heavy duty paper on walkways and carpeted areas. This not only keeps your floor clean but also prevents scratches and scrapes on your floor and furniture.


4.    Move in the Big Items First
Have your new furniture delivered first or pack your existing furniture last. By placing the larger items where they go before anything else, you’ll have a better vision of the flow of the room which will allow the smaller items to be placed much easier. Also having your bed, dining table and couch readily available will offer a comfortable and familiar place to take a rest when you need it.


5.    Unpack the Kitchen Next
Unless you’re a superhero, you probably won’t want to cook your first night in the house but if you do have the desire make sure your kitchen is up and running. Packing and specially labeling a couple boxes designated for kitchen essentials with items like everyday spices, cooking oil, cooking utensils, pots, pans and enough tableware for the family allows your kitchen to be ready for use when you are.


6.    Schedule a Play Date for the Kids and Pets
The chaos of moving can be stressful for young children and pets so call in a favor and let them hang with a family member or friend. You’ll get things done a lot faster without having to tend to the needs of the kids or worrying about the dog chasing after the movers trying to smell every item brought into the house.


Before you know it, you’ll be settled in and looking for ways to make your house a home. Until then remember to plan ahead by preparing for potential challenges and enjoy the process knowing there’s a beautiful home waiting for you on the other side. Happy Moving!

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