April 20 2018

Pardee Homes Inspires a Green Lifestyle with the First All-Solar New Home Community

by Kelley

All Solar San Diego New Home Community

With Earth Day just two days away, we’re all encouraged to do something that can push us towards living a “greener” lifestyle in the hopes of preserving our planet. To some this task may seem daunting but a new San Diego community makes it easy for residents to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing a home in the first all solar master-planned community. Pardee Homes has partnered with SunPower to bring Weston to Santee, CA. This new home community features 415 single-family homes that span across four neighborhoods and each home includes state-of-the-art solar panels for purchase or lease.


Besides the obvious incentives of using solar panels, this energy efficient technology brings even more financial savings than you’d expect. Homebuyers who decide to purchase a SunPower solar panel system will receive a 30% federal tax credit and are exempt from California property taxes. It’s as if you’re getting paid to live green! Additionally, SunPower panel systems come with a 25 year complete system warranty so you’ll have confidence knowing that your green investment is built to last.


Not only is Pardee Homes ahead of the curve toward proving net zero energy homes to California residents, they take it a step further with their commitment to providing homes that are energy efficient and provide increased well-being for their homeowners. Each Pardee Homes LivingSmart home features EnergySmart technology that reduces energy consumption, HealthSmart finishes that provide improved air quality, EarthSmart materials that aid in conserving natural resources and WaterSmart plumbing and appliances that help to reduce water usage. To bring it all together, HomeSmart technology offers residents a connected home and allows them to control multiple devices from anywhere via smart phone or tablet.


Green living has never seemed so effortless and we can all be inspired by Pardee Homes and their commitment to green building. SunPower offers solar panel systems across the United States so if you haven’t already, celebrate Earth Day with a green decision and explore the option to go solar!

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