November 24 2016

Mason at Playa Vista Breaks the Mold with Los Angeles Beach Brownstone Flats

by racheal

New Los Angeles Condos for Sale

You have to break the mold to gain something unique. That’s exactly the thought process behind these new Los Angeles condos for sale. A seamless blend of both modern and traditional styles, the architecture of Mason at Playa Vista is just the introduction to what is an incredible living experience. This community combines a superior location with first-rate home design to give you a space you’ll grow into and enjoy for the years to come.

Mason’s LA condos incorporate a coastal cool feel to them. That’s perfect considering that as a member of this community, you’ll be just over a mile from the beach. Matching that lifestyle is the array of flexible spaces throughout the home. You’ll have areas for lounging, dining, and entertaining guests. Sophisticated master baths give you a daily spa experience, while gourmet kitchens allow you to express culinary creativity. Step outside of Mason to discover a wealth of exciting recreation as well.

The Resort, Whole Foods, and Runway are all just a short walk away. That makes running errands easy and fun. Explore Silicon Beach and discover futuristic tech companies set behind a scenic backdrop. It’s no wonder people are clamoring to live in Playa Vista. Here’s your chance. To learn more about these beach brownstone flats, join the Mason at Playa Vista interest list today.

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