August 21 2014

Make your Move to the Domain in Anaheim

by racheal

The Domain Townhomes in Anaheim

Whether you’re just in the “browsing” section of moving or you’re on a strict deadline, The Domain is the perfect new homes location for you. It’s a new and up and coming section of townhomes that are sure to make you fall for their growing charm. And with the right price that doesn’t sacrifice on amenities, there’s no guessing as to why The Domain in Anaheim is such a catch!

These new townhomes in Anaheim come in varying levels of space. Choose from one bedroom all the way up to three separate bedrooms – each varying from 746 to 1,644 square feet. Additionally, new homeowners can relish in their ample space, incredible kitchens and bathrooms, as well as private outdoor living areas. Hard to come by in a townhome setting, these patios offer the perfect spot for all your outdoor entertaining. You can even host a moving in barbeque before your things are put away!

The Domain townhomes also offers plenty of nearby entertainment. Choose from shopping districts, or take a short drive for dinner and take in the area’s lively culture. No matter your preference, homeowners with all types of hobbies are sure to find a fit nearby.

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