July 6 2012

Red, White and Eco-Blu Homes at Casitas de Avila!

by racheal

Casitas de Avila at Otay Ranch HomeThis time of year, what better home to move into than one that is built with fire-resistant wood? Casitas de Avila at Otay Ranch, a community of Chula Vista new homes, is built with fire-resistant wood called Eco-Red Shield, a product of Eco-Blu Bluwood Technology. That’s right, red and blue! Perfect for this patriotic time of year.

This incredible home building wood has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of catching fire, meaning that you can live in a safer home, even in sunny Southern California during wildfire season. Feel good about the home you’re purchasing by opting for a home built with Eco-Red Shield.

Casitas de Avila has more going for it than building materials, though. This lovely community of Chula Vista new homes offers buyers their choice of two or three (yes, three!) stories, so it’s got a lot to choose from right out of the gate. You can even have up to seven (can you believe it?) bedrooms if you need them. Of course, you’re not required to; you can have as few as three. Casitas de Avila is all about customization! To learn more, visit this community of Chula Vista new homes at 1536 Avenida Merida, Chula Vista, CA 91913. You can also call (619) 934-4618 with your questions.

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