February 14 2012

Santa Rita New Homes will have the Eco Red Shield Treatment

by racheal

Santa Rita New Homes CommunityBaldwin & Sons Community of Santa Rita, a new phase has been released this summer. That means that those interested in Chula Vista new homes have likely seen houses with red wood frames being constructed throughout the community. What are these redwood homes? They aren’t redwood homes at all. They’re actually house frames made of pine, spruce or fir, and treated with Eco Red Shield, an environmentally safe compound that safeguards the wood from devastating threats.

What kind of threats? Three of the most prominent threats a home can face: termites, mold and fire. It’s such an effective fire retardant, in fact, that a local newscast aired a demonstration of Eco Red Shield reacts to flames, vs. its untreated lumber counterpart. Take a look; it’s pretty amazing!

For the past year, the company that makes Eco Red Shield has experienced incredible growth and demand. Locally based in Vista, Eco Red Shield is a material that all homebuyers should want for the wood that frames their new homes. Plus, Eco Red Shield only costs 10% more than raw, untreated lumber, which means that it only costs a homebuilder around $2,000 per house. That keeps communities like Santa Rita at Otay Ranch, starting in the mid $400’s, accessible to buyers like you. To inquire about the Eco Red Shield treated homes at Santa Rita, contact the sales office at 1712 Thompson Avenue, Chula Vista, CA. The office can be reached at (619) 934.7950 or at santarita@heritage-build.com.

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