February 28 2011

What are CC&Rs? Madison Lane Homebuying Experts Explain

by racheal

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If you’re new to the world of homeowner associations, you may have questions regarding some inside vernacular – for example, CC&Rs. What are CC&Rs, exactly? Homebuying experts at Madison Lane, a California West Communities development, break it down like this:

“They (CCRs) are covenants, conditions and restrictions. It is a document that governs how homeowner associations operate and what rules a homeowner must abide. They usually include architectural and landscaping guidelines for improvements and changes to your home and yard, rules for use of shared areas, including recreation facilities.”

For many homeowners, CC&Rs are regarded as one of the necessary evils of ownership in a planned community. But in reality, the Madison Lane experts explain, CC&Rs can be an effective tool for owners who treat their home as an investment. “These guidelines and rules can help maintain the value of your property and community as a whole,” they explain.

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In other words, they help ensure that your neighbors keep their lawns mowed, their roofs in good condition, and their homes painted a pleasant color – so that when you eventually sell, you can list your home at the most favorable price possible. CC&Rs don’t sound so bad anymore, do they?

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