February 10 2011

Rockrose at the Foothills Offers Free Conservation Workshops!

by racheal

Water Eat Grow Workshop

Yes, most of us hope that our lifestyles will have a minimal impact on the planet; but, most of us are also too busy to research the in’s and out’s of a conservation lifestyle. Fortunately, some home builders are picking up on that – and offering everyday homeowners convenient resources for learning quick, easy tips to increase your home’s eco-friendliness.

One such builder is Brookfield Homes, the builder responsible for Rockrose at the Foothills (one of the most eco-friendly communities of Carlsbad new homes you’ll encounter). At Rockrose at the Foothills, the energy efficient advantages are practically endless; but a home built with sustainable materials, wired for water conservation, and featuring premium indoor air quality is only the beginning.

Rockrose New Homes Workshop

Rockrose at the Foothills also offers buyers a resource for learning about their own role in preserving the environment around their homes. It’s a series of hands-on workshops, and it commences on February 26 – right on site at Rockrose at the Foothills. Here, those interested in minimizing their environmental impact can learn from eco-savvy experts, and enjoy:

- Conservation tips from their water expert
- Pointers on herb garden creation and innovation
- Natural cooking tips (and samples!) prepared by their chef

Trust us: This is no boring seminar…again, it’s hands on! And best of all, it’s free! If this sounds like something you can benefit from, contact the Rockrose at the Foothills new home sales team at (888) 514-9296 – or, submit your RSVP to infosdrv@brookfieldhomes.com. Rockrose at the Foothills is located at 3538 Glen Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010.


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