January 28 2011

Atlanta Real Estate Market Conditions January 2011

by racheal

Atlanta New Homes for Sale

In this new year, there’s more news to grab your attention in the Atlanta real estate market. As it turns out, the number of homes for sale in Atlanta is up from December – by nearly 2,000 homes, as a matter of fact. Not great news for sellers, who may or may not see any activity for awhile. However, there’s great news for buyers; and of course, it’s in regards to price (that’s the best kind of news, isn’t it?)

Currently, the median home price in Atlanta is $175,900, down from the $189,900 median we saw in December. As the Yahoo! Snapshot shows us, that’s a price drop of 7.4%. Wow! Unfortunately, the number of foreclosures has risen, but experts concede that this is to be expected. Plus, it’s great news for those seeking Atlanta foreclosure homes.

If you like to monitor Atlanta real estate market conditions, check back here in February to see what kind of progress the market has made. We’ll do our best to give you the most accurate information possible.

Listing Type Number of Units
Median Price Price Change
Resale Homes 11,496 $175,900 -7.4%
New Homes 24 $274,900 +12.2%
Foreclosures 5,295 $133,000 -0.7%

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6/9/2011 5:46:18 PM #

This is a great resource for Atlanta real estate market conditions.  Thank you for being willing to share information instead of trying to hoard like many in the industry.

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"This is really good news for Atlanta investors.They can now afford the house they've been dreaming of. Thanks for sharing this news."

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