January 14 2011

3 Easy Budgeting Tips For The New Home Buyer

by racheal

Budgeting For New Home Buyer

1. Carry cash and use it instead of your credit card or ATM card. This tip will help you spend less because you’ll see the dollars coming out of your wallet. When you use a credit card, it is easy to spend money that you don’t have yet. Then you end up with credit card balances that you can’t pay in full each month.

3. Carry a notepad with you for 14 days and document every penny you spend. I know this may sound like a hassle, but you’ll be surprised at how much money you spend on things you don’t need.

3. The last is the hardest one to do… Every time you get your paycheck and have paid off all your bills, pay your credit card balances down to $0. This will maximize your credit score and will make you feel like you always have a cushion for a rainy day.


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