January 4 2011

The Website First Time Homebuyers Must See

by racheal

Fearless Homebuyer.com Site

From deciding when to buy your first home to obtaining financing, FearlessHomebuyer.com walks first-time homebuyers through the real estate transaction process.  Fearless Homebuyer was created by Portland, Oregon husband and wife Dave and Darci Axness. As a principal broker and office manager at Axness & Kofman Real Estate the Axness’s launched their site in October of last year.

"We made a lot of mistakes buying that first home that could have been avoided with some simple lessons beforehand. So, when I became a real estate agent, I made sure that none of my clients made the classic mistakes that I had," says Dave Axness.

The site offers 50 or so lessons along with colorful videos and step-by-step guides relevant to homebuyers anywhere in the U.S. The lessons include almost everything you need to know about purchasing your first home from, “Getting Your Financial House in Order" all the way through to "What Happens Now That I'm a Homeowner?"

If you are a first time home buyer and are in need of some guidance, check out Fearless Homebuyer.com. For tips on the home loan process, check out the Home Loan Help Center for all you mortgage questions including the best places to get your home loan and what steps you need to take to gain your first mortgage.


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