December 17 2010

Top Tips for a Green Holiday!

by April

Top Tips for a Green Holiday

Despite the economy, the lines in every store I’ve been to are just as long as ever.  Nonetheless, I am full of holiday cheer (and bourbon laced eggnog) and ready to pass on my tips for a green holiday, whatever that holiday might be!

• Plan your shopping in advance: save gas by making one horrendous day of shopping rather than a multitude of small trips and get as much at one store as you can.

• Send E-cards and gift cards!

• When shipping: small items require less packing, try to pack items in recycled newspapers rather than Styrofoam.

• Instead of wrapping gifts for the kids, hide them and give them a list of clues.  When you do wrap, reuse as much paper, bags, and ribbons as possible.  Wrap items in newspaper (comics are great), brown paper grocery bags, and kids artwork from school.

If every family reused just two feet of ribbon there would be enough to tie a bow around the entire planet!

For tips on energy saving dinners and parties check out my Thanksgiving blog.

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone!


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