December 17 2010

Rockrose at the Foothills Offers Holiday Incentives!

by racheal

Rockrose at The Foothills Holiday Incentives

It’s the season for giving…and Brookfield Homes is embracing it fully! This San Diego homebuilder just announced a Holiday Incentives program for buyers in December, and it applies to a variety of those who would purchase their Carlsbad new homes. For those interested in buying at Rockrose at the Foothills, it means up to $10,000 and a new, low tax rate of only 1.21%. But the sharing and caring doesn’t end there! Brookfield is also offering similar (though not identical) offers at the following communities:

- Mahogany at Old Creek Ranch
- Serenity at Stonebridge Estates
- Trellis at Winding Walk
- Cordova at Winding Walk

Each of these communities offers a holiday incentive that’s compatible with the median price of homes in the neighborhood. For buyers at Rockrose at the Foothills, the 1.21% tax rate is appropriate because Rockrose is already one of the lowest priced estate communities in Carlsbad! And yes, you still have access to the same energy efficient perks, including a home built with sustainable materials, wired for water conservation, and featuring premium indoor air quality.

For many buyers, there’s nothing better this time of year! If you’re one of them, why not give Rockrose at the Foothills a call? Let them know you’re excited to take advantage of your holiday incentive at the Brookfield Year End Sale! Contact Rockrose at the Foothills at (888) 514-9296, or stop in for a visit to 3538 Glen Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010.


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