November 24 2010

Top Tips for a Green Thanksgiving!

by April

Green Thanksgiving Tips - Thanksgiving Table

That’s right, a green Thanksgiving!  On a day known for waste let’s see what we can do to save!  Here are the best tips I’ve found:

• Skip the turkey.  I can’t even write that without laughing, but I have to put it out there.  I’m sure you have animal rights friends, I have one (yes, Racheal, it’s you) that will tell you what a drain livestock are on the planet and how terrible the treatment is for those poor, delicious birds.

• If dinner is somewhere else, carpool if you can.

• If dinner is at your house, turn down the heat before guests arrive.  The body heat will keep the house surprisingly warm.

• Don’t buy a bunch of cheap decorations that were made out of the country and will be unusable next year.  Fill jars with fallen leaves, cut rosemary, pinecones, or winter flowers from your yard, or your neighbor’s.

• Plan food portions wisely.  If you are like me and still can’t figure out how much spaghetti your family can eat at one sitting, check out Use Less Stuff.
It shows an average of how much to make for each person.

• If you do make too much and know you won’t eat ALL the leftovers, donate to a local food bank or shelter.  And if you don’t compost your organic scraps (potato peels, celery tops, etc.) at least throw them in the green can with your yard trimmings.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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