November 12 2010

Cool Your Heels on Warming That Home!

by April

Home heating is THE LARGEST use of energy and offers the greatest opportunity for saving your green this winter. Nearly 40 percent of your home energy costs go to heating. Here’s how you can save:

The Heat Lost In Your Home

• Clean or replace the furnace filter at least TWICE during the cold season. Furnaces use less energy if the airways are clear.
• Keep furniture, carpet and drapes from blocking vents.
• Set a ceiling fan at low speed to push the warm air away from the ceiling and spread it evenly throughout the room.
• Have your heating ducts and furnace professionally inspected and tuned.
• Use space heaters instead of the furnace when you can, and only if you are in the room with the heater! Don’t heat the whole house if it is just one or two people are spending the entire evening in one room, such as the family room in the evening and the bedroom at night.
• Wear warmer clothes around the house or office, even if it is just a long-sleeved shirt, and sleep with an extra blanket.

PLEASE NOTE: Warmer temperatures are recommended in homes with ill or elderly persons, as well as infants.

You can also keep that heat in by taking care of the seals in your home. Check out my Save The Seals blog. When it comes to energy, what’s good for the summer goes good for the winter!


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