November 10 2010

Smart Corner Lofts: Own for the Price of Renting in San Diego

by racheal

Smart Corner Condo View

For many people, “apartment” is synonymous with “renting”…but with the increased popularity of the urban high rise, all that is about to change. After all, why would you rent when you can own your own view of the San Diego skyline for around $1500 per month – nearly the same as most rental rates? That’s what’s available to you at Smart Corner, a San Diego high rise with apartment lofts that give you the opportunity to create your own personal canvas. 

What about the down payment? We’re glad you asked! With as little as 0.5%-3.5% down, many buyers can own at Smart Corner for a drop in the bucket. Still thinking about renting? We didn’t think so! Few other buildings in Southern California can give you the same big city experience that Smart Corner can; with 310 condos and a whopping 19 stories, the lifestyle is practically unparalleled (especially when one considers all the things to do in San Diego).

Plus, there’s the extras, like a rooftop gathering area that allows you and your guests a staggering view of the city (not to mention the ocean) while you enjoy the jacuzzi and barbeque. And yes, the Downtown San Diego condos at Smart Corner are every bit as appealing, with upgraded kitchens and plenty of room inside for that fabulous loft experience you’ve only dreamed of. Ready to learn more? Contact Smart Corner at (888) 745- 2028; or, stop in to see for yourself at 1080 Park Blvd. in San Diego. After all, you definitely want to see these in person!


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