November 8 2010

No City Taxes at Canyon Crossing

by racheal

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When finances are a concern, you need all the help you can get – from wherever you can get it. State and city taxes are a common source of frustration among homeowners, and many of today’s money-savvy buyers make a buying decision based on factors like these.

For those in San Antonio, the choice is clear: Buy at Canyon Crossing, where not only are there no city taxes; there are also advantages low payment programs (as low as $679 per month), a no money down option for those who qualify, and free, confidential credit counseling with a New Home Consultant to put buyers who need guidance on the road to ownership.

Canyon Crossing New Homes - Park That’s reason enough, of course – but believe it or not, there’s more. Canyon Crossing has been called the #1 subdivision in west San Antonio, perhaps because of its central location between city and country (or maybe because it’s minutes from Lackland Air Force Base, Sea World San Antonio, and the Toyota manufacturing center where many of its residents are employed). In other words, there are lots of reasons to consider Canyon Crossing for your new home in San Antonio! To inquire about your options for this great new home community, contact the Canyon Crossing sales office at (866) 669-8200, ext. 342.

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