August 13 2010

Recycle Big, Save Big

by April


While you are crushing all those old cans to recycle you might want to take a look at where those cans are coming from - that old fridge.  More than 70% of the energy being used in your home is going toward appliances.  If you have one of those nasty old refrigerators or freezers in your garage (like I do), or the one in your house looks depression era (like my mother’s), even more of that energy is being drained away.  Consider recycling it. 

Most electric companies will haul away the old ones for free, and some (like So Cal Edison) will even give you money for it.  So Cal Edison offers $50, PLUS another $50 rebate if you purchase a qualified Energy Star fridge to replace the old one.  For more information check out: or the website of your local electric company - you can usually find it on your bill.


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