June 5 2010

Oklahoma Energy Efficient Homes By Ideal Homes

by racheal

For more than two decades, Ideal Homes has been expertly creating Oklahoma energy efficient homes that feature cutting-edge design, outrageously luxurious features and amenities, and time-and-time again providing prospective homebuyers in the Oklahoma area with astounding Oklahoma energy efficient homes that boast a level of quality that very few other new home builders can lay claim to. Having assembled a team of individuals whose expertise and talent for the development, construction, and customer service that is involved with your Oklahoma energy efficient home is almost unparalleled, and prospective homebuyers in the Oklahoma area reap all of the rewards. Ideal Homes is also a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders, as well as the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association.

Energy Efficient Homes By Ideal Homes

So what has helped Ideal Homes earn the title of being Oklahoma's leading homebuilder? Boasting communities all throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Ideal Homes has received almost every homebuilder award available in the industry, including "America's Best Builder," and "Builder of the Year" from Professional Builder Magazine; all of which only help to confirm that Ideal Homes is a well-recognized industry leader in energy-efficiency at both the local and national levels. At this point in time, more than 7,000 Oklahoma families have put their trust in Ideal Homes, and in doing so have made their lives in Oklahoma energy efficient homes that proves to be an investment that is comfortable, secure, efficient, and valuable for many years to come.

One of the greatest strengths of Ideal Homes has always been its unwavering commitment to creating forward-thinking Oklahoma energy efficient new homes that not only help to save this beautiful planet, but to save you and your family money in the long run as well. Ideal Homes is confident that no other Oklahoma homebuilders can match their expertise in creating energy efficient homes, and for the past 20 years Ideal Homes has partnered with the US Department of Energy's Build America Program, the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, and a number of other manufacturers and research groups to help test, develop, and inevitably implement the best efficient building strategies possible.

Why put so much focus on building cutting-edge Oklahoma energy efficient homes? Simply put, your new home will be more affordable, more comfortable, more durable, and much more sustainable than your average Oklahoma new home, all because of the Ideal Homes commitment to building Oklahoma new homes that are twice as efficient as Energy Star homes. Because of Ideal Homes Oklahoma energy efficient homes are so astoundingly efficient, homeowners save anywhere from $50 to $80 per month on their heating and cooling costs compared to a home that was built to a standard code, and Ideal Homes has estimated that due to their pioneering of Oklahoma energy efficient homes, homeowners have saved roughly $3.5 million on heating and cooling costs.


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