May 24 2010

Solar Attic Fans

by April

If you run an air conditioner or air cooler in warm weather, installing a solar attic fan is another way to go green and save green (money!).  During the day, the sun hits your roof and heats up your attic.  The hot attic makes your whole house warmer, making your air conditioner work harder - wasting power and costing you money.  Also, the attic retains the heat even at night, keeping your house from cooling off sufficiently before the whole cycle starts up again the next day.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans cost about $500, install in a few hours, are silent, and run automatically using energy from the sun instead of electricity for no-cost cooling and air circulation.  They can cool your house up to 10 degrees while increasing fresh air circulation and reducing vapor build up (the moisture that gathers from everyday activities like cooking and showering).

For a great video on solar attic fans and how to install one, check out Tom Silva from the This Old House television show at:,,20047003,00.html


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