April 22 2010

April Goes Green!

by April

My New Year’s Resolution this year, like many others, was to go green (or greener).  I spent all of last year researching solar energy systems and the companies that install them, as well as prices.  I finally bit the bullet in my wallet and started this year by having one installed in my home.*


After doing the most obvious, and most expensive as far as I was concerned, way to save energy, I began to ponder what else I could do to save more.  As I began to research the possibilities it occurred to me that the best way to save the most energy, was to get others involved.  So, beginning on Earth Day, I will be dedicating the rest of the year to blogging on energy, and ways to save.  My first few blogs will be about solar energy – how it works, what are some options, and what are the costs. 


So, read on.  Enjoy.  Save what you can, where and when you can.  And go Team Green!


* The company that I finally decided on for my solar installation was tremendous, so I feel morally obligated to plug them here.  After numerous interviews and countless quotes, we chose Pacific Sun Technologies, Inc.  You can check them out at:http://www.pacificsuntech.com


Home Solar Panels

The first thing that sold me was their salesperson, Tom.  Instead of going into a slick sales pitch that every other salesman insisted on (even when I told them I heard it all before) he asked me if I had heard it all before and when I said yes he asked if I had any questions.  When I said no he took note of my electric bills, checked out the side of my house facing the sun, and left me with a bit of printed info.  Just a day or two later he returned with a beautiful report detailing an environmental impact analysis, an energy analysis, annual utility costs, and different options with quotes. 

ALL other salesmen that came to my house would not leave me any of their company’s material with a quote on it.  Instead they all did a breakdown on a legal pad like someone trying to sell me a timeshare.  I hate this.  Next, the quote from Pacific Sun was the best I had gotten from any company, including one where I bypassed the salesman to avoid having to pay his commission – yes, they get one.  When I gave them the go ahead and signed the contract, they took care of all the paperwork to get the rebate from the state.  Sweet. 

Last, the installation only took a few weeks.  It was noisy, but the guys working on it were nice, professional, and took a lot of pride in their work.  The most time was spent waiting for the rebate from the state, city inspectors, and the electric company to do their part.  I can’t say enough about this company; they exceeded my expectations in all areas, which is something you don’t find enough these days.  If you live in Southern California and are interested in solar energy for your home, I would definitely give these guys a call.  They also offer solar pool filter/pump, solar attic fans, and much more.

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4/22/2010 10:42:33 AM #

No better way to celebrate earth day than to actually make the move to a greener life at home. How long did they say it would take before the solar panel pays for itself?

Paul United States |

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