April 18 2010

Check List Of Paperwork Needed To Purchase A New Home

by racheal

Here is a list of paperwork need to purchase a new home and what is required for a Home Loan:

Paperwork For A New Home Loan

• For each person on the loan you will need to have at least the last two to three years of your W-2 forms.

• Three years of federal tax return statements.

• Three months of pay stubs for every name on the loan.

• Three to six months of bank statements for both checking and saving accounts.

• Address of all loans and credit cards along with their account numbers, and balances.

• If you have any installment loans such as a car loan or student loan you will need to provide the loan number, the lenders name and the loan balances.

• If you have any other form of income you will need to bring documentation to prove such additional income.

• Last three months of any IRA, 401K,  403B accounts.

• Three months of any brokerage statements such as stock and bond certificates.


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