April 9 2010

Go Green With Rockrose New Homes!

by jeb

Looking for luxurious but affordable new homes in southern California that are also environmentally-concious at the same time? Brookfield Homes has made your dreams a reality with the advent of their absolutely spectacular new community of Rockrose at The Foothills. Rockrose at The Foothills new homes are the only new homes in Carlsbad to not only meet California's energy-efficiency standards, but to extend 35% past them. With a strong focus on energy-efficiency, water conservation, and a plethora of other environemntally-concious features, Rockrose new homes prove that outrageous new home amenities and features don't need to come with a price tag that includes excessive detriment to the beautiful world around us, and this becomes all the more important when you're surrounded by the gorgeous natural scenery and absolutely perfect weather of Carlsbad.

            Rockrose At The Foothills Community Map

Rockrose at The Foothills new homes are situated in the idyllic coastal city of Carlsbad, California, where a highly-respected school system, beautiful beaches, and a wide variety of economic opportunities come together to make this a fantastic place to put down roots and take care of your family in a friendly and safe environment. Given the convenient location of Carlsbad, Rockrose new homes are situated between the two powerhouse cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, making it so that residents who desire the best in culture, entertainment, and recreation are never too far away from two of the best and most exciting cities in the United States. In keeping with the same environmentally-friendly ethos that permeates Rockrose at The Foothills new homes, Carlsbad is a city that has and is making strides towards becoming a more "green" place to live, with a recent example being the city ordinances that are dedicated to protecting the local sensitive wildlife habitats.

Prospective new homebuyers should also take note of the unique window of opportunity that is currently open in regards to Rockrose new homes. Californians currently have a 30 day window of opportunity to receive to up to $18K in combined federal and state homebuyer tax credits. The two tax credits overlap for only 30 days, which makes April THE month to buy a new home.

Carlsbad New Homes At Rockrose

The Rockrose at The Foothills new homes are the extremely rare breed of new homes that combines the three qualities that so few new home community's have been able to replicate- Luxurious features and amenities, buyer-friendly affordability, and an element environmentally-concioussness that is truly commendable in this day and age. The Rockrose new homes offer Carlsbad new homes for sale multiple eco-friendly new floorplan designs, which range in size anywhere from 2,116 to 3,167 square feet, and feature between 3-4 bedrooms and 2-4.5 baths. Rockrose new homes are starting in price from the low $600,000's, so don't wait too long, because these amazing new homes surely won't be available forever.

If you would like to learn more about the spectacular Rockrose at The Foothills new homes in Carlsbad, please call 760-730-0800 to set up an appointment for a visit and tour today!


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