March 21 2010

Condo Buying Tips – 5 Tips For Finding Your Dream Condo

by racheal

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There are many reasons why individuals are choosing to buy a new condo. Young professionals prefer buying a place nearer to their work, singles favor a smaller and less maintenance home, and the coast of a condo is more affordable than most homes.  This is one property that is affordable and is also easily saleable. If you are someone thinking about purchasing a new condo, below is a list of the best condo buying tips to follow during your search of your dream condo.

1.Location, location, location. If a condo it is located far away from your work or from a transit station then you will need to be prepared to add a commuter coast to your budget. Make sure your condo is near shopping malls, churches, schools and business centers for your convenience.

2.Safe neighborhood. Check out the neighborhood and decide if it is safe to live in. Some condo communities even offer added security like a gated community and security guards. Also check out the traffic in the area, if noise levels are higher you may want to consider a different location.

3.Style. Decide before hand if you prefer a high rise, mid size or low. Swanky high rises cost more as they are mostly located within a city. However the view from the high rise is worth the extra coast, as well as the convenience of shopping and dinning are just a stroll away. If you enjoy a community setting, then mid and low rise buildings offer you the perfect comfort. Family oriented individuals live in these condos that are slightly away from business centers. Mid and low rise condos offer good neighborhoods where you can feel safe and secured.

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4.Reputable builder. Research the condo builder before you buy. A reputed builder will offer you the best services especially if you are buying a new condo during the construction stage, which so happens to be the cheapest price.

5.Lastly, but not least, neighbors matter. Since condos provide you to live side by side with your neighbors, you will need to make sure your new condo has a society with association rules that are clear cut.

Now that you have a list of the top 5 condo buying tips, start your search for you dream new condo. 


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