January 28 2010

Tennessee Home Builder Offers More Customer Choice

by brook

You’ve heard it said that life is all about choices. There are those choices that we don’t necessarily enjoy…and then, there are those choices that we relish. You guessed it: We’re talking about choices that allow buyers to personalize their new home. With one Tennessee home builder, choices related to customization are the standard; in other words, they believe that everyone should have lots of options available.

The builder, Lifestyle Homes, offers elegantly designed homes that can be partially customized by the customer – after all, it’s your home! Lifestyle Homes wants you to enjoy living in it, your way. In fact, this opportunity starts at the beginning of the homebuying process, when the builders gladly meet with their customers to discuss any ideas, suggestions…even concerns. Later, as construction progresses, they meet with the new owner again. Sound like your kind of homebuying experience?

If so, contact this Tennessee home builder about your options for purchasing any one of their Nashville homes for sale that await construction. They will be happy to discuss the prospect of working together. Call (615) 941-1303 for their Sugar Valley community, (615) 315-8880 for the Deer Valley community, or (615) 941-4990 for Indian Creek.

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