January 25 2010

Vancouver Homes for Sale: Will the Olympics Affect Prices?

by brook

As many market watchers are quickly learning, there are a number of factors that can affect new home prices. In Vancouver, for example, the upcoming Winter Olympics are causing real estate experts to ponder what affect the Games will have on housing prices. Why? Think about it: What better exposure for a region than an event that captures the world’s attention for nearly an entire month? Viewers from around the globe will be taken in by Vancouver’s glorious features, and many will be enticed to pay the city a visit; or, perhaps, make it their new home.

According to a spokesperson for the Greater Vancouver Homebuilders Association, this publicity comes at a crucial time in history, noting the low home sales numbers reported in December 2009. As with other regions throughout Canada and the U.S., Vancouver has felt the burn of this phenomenon, and the city is looking forward to this much-needed potential boost.

Is there good news for buyers? Absolutely! No matter the influence of the Olympics on Vancouver home prices, there’s no shortage of affordable new homes in the region; everything from condos in Burnaby, to single family homes in Coquitlam, to river view flats in New Westminster is priced at a record low. Like everywhere else in North America, now is the time to buy! In fact, even upscale, urban high rises are priced reasonably for the discerning buyer.

If Vancouver homes for sale are of interest to you now, or you’re inclined to view prospective homes just for fun, there is a virtually countless number of options. Check these out online – and, more importantly, in person.


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