January 25 2010

LGI Homes Programs Appeal to Today's Buyer

by brook

It’s no secret that in today’s shaky housing climate, many are shying away from buying a new home – whether they have previously owned a home or not. So in response to the plummeting numbers of new home sales, many builders have developed internal programs that cater to buyers in need of an extra hand. One such builder is LGI Homes, a Texas homebuilder responsible for some of the most tranquil, pristine communities you’ll find west of the Mississippi.

What types of programs do they offer? Two stand-out offers come to mind: first, a credit counseling program that provides buyers with a free credit report and mortgage analysis. The mortgage process does not begin until the buyer and consultant are both clear on the details: how much home the buyer can afford, and all other pertinent financial details. In an era where unscrupulous lending left many current and former homeowners deceived and dissatisfied, policies like these are a buyer’s dream come true.

Second, LGI Homes features a no money down offer, which allows buyers to protect their savings accounts and move them into their homes more quickly. This makes the option of paying a mortgage, versus paying a rent, a whole lot more appealing! Sound like something that’s only reserved for the upper echelon of buyers? Guess what: LGI Homes wants buyers to know that qualifying is easier than they think.

Of course, every family’s situation is different; but you’ll never know what your options are until you inquire. If you’re in the market for new homes in Texas - specifically, homes for sale in San Antonio, Houston, or Fort Worth - you may want to add an LGI Homes community to your list of visits. Contact the LGI Homes community location that interests you the most; and have fun with the process!

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