January 22 2010

Columbiana Homes for Sale That Cater to the Comfort Factor

by brook

Like many buyers, you may be drawn to a home based on the "comfort" factor; you know, that peaceful feeling you get when you walk in the door. There are some homes you can just picture yourself in, lounging on the sofa with a cup of your favorite hot beverage and a good book on a cold winter’s day. When the view from your window is serene natural landscaping, the image is all the more enticing.

In some parts of the country, these homes are hard to come by; fortunately, Ohio isn’t one of those places. In the heartland of the nation, even the new home communities offer buyers this coveted advantage. One of them is Woodland Run, a community of homes for sale in Columbiana, Ohio.

With a focus on superior quality and value, Woodland Run offers single-story floor plans that maximize form and functionality; all four floorplans, Canterbury, Abbey, Villa, and Chateau offer you exactly the scenario described above. Yes, even the natural landscaping: The beautiful community is nestled in a wooded serene setting on State Route 14, so plenty of greenery is visible from your living room window. Imagine that same land covered in a blanket of snow, with you snuggled by your gas log fireplace all weekend long…ahhhh! Now that’s comfort.

Of course, you may be apprehensive about shoveling that snow away when the time comes; but don’t worry, because as a maintenance-free community, Woodland Run maintenance professionals will remove the snow for you just in time for the work week. What should you worry about? Whether or not these homes in Columbiana, OH will be available. They are in their final phase of building, with less than 10 of their 88 units left for sale. It pays to inquire today! The Woodland Run sales office is located at 701Timberline Drive, Columbiana, OH 44408, and can be reached at (330) 507-4627. 


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