December 10 2009

Accolade- Wallet-friendly Condos For Eco-friendly People

by jeb

Accolade- wallet-friendly condos for eco-friendly people! Accolade simultaneously provides residents all of the modern convenience and excitement of the big city, while also providing ample opportunities to escape from it all at your own leisure.  Accolade new condos are replete with great features, like gorgeous granite countertops, spacious master bedrooms, and walk-in closets, which complement the interior comfort and stylish designs exceptionally well. With warm natural lighting, state of the art appliances, and fine details that give an heir of distinct sophistication, Accolade is an outstanding place to start your new life in one of the greatest cities in the world!

A condominium community committed to just as much to proving fun and excitement as it is for comfortable luxury, the Accolade Entertainment District is the place to be no matter what time of day! Featuring a hip bar, state of the art entertainment, a charming fireplace, a billiards lounge, guest suites and more, Accolade is also a great place to relax and unwind with some friends at the end of the day; and for those who like to keep active, Accolade also has a health and fitness studio.

The magnificent Accolade green new condos also have the unique benefit of being exceedingly more eco-friendly than most other condominium communities. As Canada's largest condominium developer, Tridel has lived up to its commitment to being at the forefront of environmental sustainability in their field. So do they do it? Residents will find that all major eligible appliances in their Tridel condo are ENERGY STAR® rated, which means that anyone living in a Tridel condo can expect to save up to 30% on average on the refrigerator, the clothes washer, and the dishwasher.  Tridel also specifies high efficiency boilers, which maximizes heating efficiency, and energy-efficient cooling equipment is also specified. Tridel also minimizes heat loss by insulating and sealing the building by using awning windows, as well as low-E, argon filled double glazed windows, which also ensures extra comfort for you.

Accolade is at least 25% more energy-efficient than a condominium building that was designed to the Canadian Government's national energy code for buildings!

Interested in becoming a Torontonian? Well, you're definitely not alone! Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and people from all over the world have decided to move to Canada's largest city, making it a veritable melting pot that pulsates with life. Recognized as a Global City, Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, and one of the financial centers in North America. Having a leading role in sectors like finance, business services, aerospace, media, publishing, tourism, education, and more, Toronto has a thriving and vibrant economy that makes it a great destination for both job-seekers, as well as people who are looking to take that next step in their existing career.

The Accolade Toronto green new condos for sale are now available in several expertly-designed floorplans that range anywhere from 629 to 2,050 square feet and contain between 1-3 bedrooms and 1-3 baths. Prices are starting from around the low $200,000's. For more information about the wonderful Accolade green new condos, please call 416-385-0305.


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