December 7 2009

Tips for Adding Curb Appeal

by brook

Curb Appeal When Saling Your Home

Curb appeal: It’s the level of attractiveness associated with your property’s exterior when viewed from the street. How important is it? Very! In fact, studies have shown that most buyers will opt to keep on driving if they are not impressed with a home's curb appeal. And now, with a majority of buyers viewing homes online before they even opt to visit a property in person, curb appeal is more important than ever.

But what if you don’t plan to sell your home? Is curb appeal still important? Of course! To start, the exterior of any property contributes toward its overall value – and collectively, the property values of the surrounding homes. And, don’t forget: Refinancing, which many homeowners opt for at least once during the course of their ownership, also hinges on your home’s curb appeal.

Ok, so curb appeal is important; but how do you go about increasing it, especially on today’s tight budgets? Although it’s sometimes in order, there’s not always a need to take on a full-blown front yard landscaping project. Here are some easier, more affordable ideas on create curb appeal within a budget:

  • Add colorful seasonal plants to any existing flower beds
  • Attach new house address numbers
  • Install a new mailbox
  • Placing a new welcome mat and a grouping of potted plants at the entrance
  • Add inexpensive, trendy lighting fixtures along your driveway or sidewalk
  • Paint or stain the door

Can’t afford to do more than one at a time? No problem; space the tasks out over a scheduled timeline. Three months, six months, or even a year is a sufficient amount of time to add curb appeal to your home. When the projects are complete, you can be satisfied with a job well done – not to mention the beauty and value it added to your home. 


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