October 15 2009

Three Reasons Homebuilders Should Blog About A Community

by racheal

Blogging has become the new wave in advertisement for homebuilders and developers. If you are seeking ways to increase traffic to your website or to a new community here are three reasons you should have a blog written about you or your new homes for sale.

1. Blogging about a new community or home for sale will increase traffic to your website with SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, created by blogging increases traffic to your community using common keywords that are searched by potential homebuyers. The more traffic your blog receives the more leads you will get to your website. Your main community website can then focus on turning visitors into homebuyers. Not to mention that by time the potential home buyer has reached your community home page, they have already received a majority of the information on your community through the blog and are now a serious buyer for your new home for sale.

2. Blog posts will link to secondary pages within your community website allowing for more relative content on your main website. Why is having good content on your home page so important? Well the more pages on your main community page or builder website, the more authority Google will give to that site, which increases the websites Google ranking. More than half of the general public does not go past the first search result page on Google. So if your community is not on the first page you are not getting seen.

3. Community blogs will over flow the Internet with positive PR and reputation management. Not only can you “drown out” negative information, you can beneficially address potential customers’ anxiety. Not to mention you can also place a positive spin on potential liability by showing a genuine human face instead of the corporate look.

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