October 2 2009

Display Home Accessories And Collections In Eight Stylish Steps

by racheal

Collections and knickknacks from your travels near and far and those souvenirs you collect along life’s journey can bring personality to your home. Here is eight easy ways to display these wonderful life treasures in a stylish and organized way that will surely make your friends say WOW.

Collections 101: Organize your collection in one spot for the most impact. Place your exhibits on a display case, stand or rack. For a large collection, use a floor-to-ceiling shelf. This gives a generous amount of space and is great for creating a focal point in any room.

Enhance Visual Impact: If your collection exhibits multi-colors, paint your shelves and ledges the same shade as the wall the items are to be displayed on. 

Fashion A Theme: When wanting to display images, mount photos in similar frames of the same color or shape. For a more modern feel, display photos in a row of clipboards with clamps, placing a photo on each clipboard. Clipboards come in many sizes and colors making it easy to match any room.

Dish It Up: Plate collections are easy to serve up a display using wire plate stands and hangers that can be arranged in a china cabinet (best for traditional plates) or hang the plates on a wall in a idiosyncratic pattern (great for modern plates).

Modern Meets Traditional: Don’t be afraid to use recycled or hand-me-down items as a display case for your collection. If you collect sea shells use old canning jars to place them in. If you collect base ball’s that you caught at a game, then use an old wicker basket. By using old with new items you add character and a modern feel to any collection.

An Inch Goes A Mile: Use coffee tables with a glass top to place flat collection on display in between the table and glass. This is great for Playbills and ticket stubs. Or use that unused space between your kitchen cabinets and ceilings for your exhibits. The best thing about these ideas is you don’t need any extra room, but just what you already have, making it perfect for smaller homes or condos.

Supersized: For more bulky or large items you would like to display, use storage cubes and group them by shape, size, or color. This is great for sporting goods like gloves and pucks, or for books and albums.

Lightweights: For little items, simply display your collection with push pins or sturdy pins on a corkboard or pegboard that you can cut to make any shape or size you would like. This is great for photos and postcards.

Let It Grow: Once are done designing your display stands, it does not mean you can never add to the collection. Make sure you leave room for you to add more memories to your exhibits. If you are placing your collection on a wall start in the middle and work your way out.

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