October 1 2009

Six Ways To Keep Your Media Center Neat And Stylish

by racheal

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Your media center, which was meant to neatly contain all your entertainment necessities, somehow has transformed into an overpowering mass of black boxes and tangled cords. So how do you take back the control and add style? Well first things first, figure out what your ideal media center would look like. Do you want to display the TV or hide it? Do you want your TV on a stand or on the wall? Do you want your media center to look like a piece of art or the more practical the better? Once you have answered these questions follow these six simple steps to taking back control of your media center.

1. Consolidate! By purchasing a universal remote control you automatically remove clutter. You will no longer need to keep five controllers out and about just to watch a movie. To keep things neat, place the unused controllers in a cabinet or drawer within your media center.

2. Label every cord with its corresponding electronic, such as your DVD, TV, Play Station, and so one. You can use a numbering system to help you remember which cord goes with what device. For example behind your DVD player stick masking tape with the #1 on it and then place another masking tape with the #1 on the cord that is attached to your TV  that needs to be plugged in to the DVD player.

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3. Keep your DVDs and video games in a stylish designed covered box within your media center. This keeps them neat and organized yet out of the way and out of sight. Plus not to mention it will hide the fact that you have the entire collection Dance Dance Revolution video games for your house guest.

4. In the electronic world bigger is defiantly not better. Donate all those old clunky electronics and replace them with the new slimmer versions. This will save space and give a modern fill to your media center.

5. This next tip is a hard one, but essential. Keep from displaying too many knickknacks on your media center. Less is a whole lot more in this case. Plus think of the bright side the fewer amounts of knickknacks the less dusting needed.

6. Hide cords for plan sight. Use twist ties to combine cords together, then place them though the Cord Holes of the media center or within the actual wall if your TV is mounted.

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