September 29 2009

Shea Homes Superiology – How It Makes You Money And Green

by racheal

Shea Homes New Homes For Sale With Superiology

Shea Homes Trilogy series offers eco-friendly luxury communities. Each Trilogy new home is built using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems that save you money and allow you the benefit of living green. Shea Homes calls this exclusive building process “Shea Superiology.”

So what is Superiology? Well according to Shea Homes Superiology means:

1. "The study of doing the big-and little- things better than anyone else."

2. "Focusing on fine details and quality craftsmanship, as a means of building superior value into every aspect of Trilogy homes. Antonym: Inferiology-the dogged pursuit of mediocrity commonly found among other home builders.”

So how does Shea Homes accomplish an eco-friendly home? Well to start they make each new home for sale as energy efficient as possible. Such features like motion and occupancy sensor lighting, energy-efficient windows, insulation and fresh-air indoor ventilation are just a few ways Shea Trilogy homes allow you to benefit from an energy efficient home. Not only will your new home be overall energy efficiency and help out the planet, but you will save money on your monthly utility bill. 

Shea Homes Kitchen

Trilogy makes it virtually effortless for you to save energy and water every day you live at your new home. Trilogy provides you with Energy Star® appliances that are 40% more energy efficient than the federal standard. With the standard Energy Star refrigerators, Energy Star washers and dishwashers are specifically designed and certified to use less energy during operation. This not only reduces your energy costs, but it also lowers the annual amount of carbon dioxide you add to the environment. Shea Homes clearly knows energy start benefits reach out to both the home owner and the environment they live in.

Another feature that Trilogy is proud to provide to their new homes for sale is energy effect windows. These Low-E windows offer advanced thermal resistance and strength to provide incomparable protection from UV-rays. Protecting your household items against sun damage, like keeping your carpet and upholstery from fading by the sun, you'll wonder how you lived so long without Low-E windows.

At Shea Homes Trilogy, your new home is 100% "Shea Green Certified™." This means that your new home is not only meeting but exceeding the most rigorous industry standards for green homes. Each new green home for sale goes beyond the requirements of the EPA's ENERGY STAR® label, but are also potentially eligible for energy tax credits under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. So with Shea Green Certified™ home enjoy the benefits of a green home while you do your part for the environment. Not to mention you can enjoy the cost savings of superior energy efficiency home.


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