September 15 2009

Tampa Real Estate Market Conditions August 2009

by brook

Homes For Sale In Tampa

Tampa, FL is one of those rare, nationally coveted cities that offers the perfect balance of desirability and affordability. If you’re looking to make a move to Tampa, you’ll no doubt need to examine its recent market activity in order to gauge what you can afford.

However, when researching the Tampa real estate market conditions for August 2009, one must first take into consideration that there has been little month-over-month activity. In other words, if you’re looking for prices to drop a little more before buying, keep in mind that they may actually stay put.

Now, if you look at the market conditions in Tampa July 2009, you may notice figures that are not consistent with the “no month-over-month change” assertion. Why is that? Because for one, the July report was based on figures gathered over a two-month period. Make sense? Good! Let’s go to the August data:

Homes for Sale: 6,389
New Homes: 28
Foreclosures: 7,732

Median Price
Homes for Sale: $169,900
New Homes: $324,990
Foreclosures: $140,000

Month-Over-Month Change
Homes for Sale: *0%
New Homes: *0%
Foreclosures: *0%

*Source: Yahoo! Real Estate Snapshot

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