September 15 2009

Seattle Real Estate Market Conditions August 2009

by brook

Homes For Sale In Seattle

Two years after the close of the housing boom, people continue to talk about making a move to Seattle. And why not? Seattle real estate market conditions in August 2009 show circumstances to be clearly in the buyer’s favor. As we addressed in a report on Seattle market conditions July 2009, inventory is high and prices are lowering. It doesn’t get much better than that! Here are the numbers:

Homes for Sale: 3,305
New Homes: 3
Foreclosures: 1,374

Median Price
Homes for Sale: $429,000
New Homes: $224,950
Foreclosures: $300,289

Month-Over-Month Change
Homes for Sale: -1.4%
New Homes: n/a
Foreclosures: -1.7%

A little thrown off by the higher price of overall homes, when compared with the new homes? Keep in mind that Seattle is full of historic older homes and upscale high rises, some of which may drive up the overall price. Other than that, homes for sale in Seattle are nothing to be afraid of; if you are one of its countless interested buyers, the time to contact an agent is now.


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