September 14 2009

Orlando Real Estate Market Conditions August 2009

by brook

New Homes For Sale In Orlando

We’ve talked quite a bit about the exciting prospects Orlando offers new residents: opportunities in cutting edge industries for skilled professionals, a dominance of the recreation market that nearly guarantees service-oriented jobs for those who are seeking them, and the icing on the cake: Reasonable housing prices that are still on the decline.

Still? Yes, they are! As if the stats reported on the Orlando market conditions July 2009 weren’t beckoning enough, the figures for August are even more appealing. What are they? 

Orlando real estate market conditions August 2009 are as follows:


Homes for Sale: 9,453
New Homes: 47
Foreclosures: 12,070 

Median Price
Homes for Sale: $164,995
New Homes: $290,900
Foreclosures: $151, 675

Month-Over-Month Change
Homes for Sale: -2.4%
New Homes: .0%
Foreclosures: 1%

Go ahead; compare it to the July figures and be amazed at the persistent decline. However, if you are a serious buyer, don’t delay in hopes of even lower numbers. There’s no way to know when the market will stabilize, and Orlando could easily become one of the markets to bottom out soon. For even more insight on homes for sale in Orlando, ask an Orlando Realtor his or her opinion.


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