September 14 2009

Jacksonville Real Estate Market Conditions August 2009

by brook

New Homes For Sale In Jacksonville

Looking for an area of Florida that offers aesthetic appeal (not hard to find in this beautiful state!), convenience (easy access to neighboring states, perhaps?), and a mild, warm climate (again, not hard to come by in Florida!). Try Jacksonville! This city offers these and other exciting opportunities to residents…among them, affordable housing prices!

Example: Jacksonville real estate market conditions for August 2009 are even more in the buyer’s favor than they were the previous month. Need to see how? Just check out what was revealed in the market conditions Jacksonville July 2009. There were low prices and strong market activity; but the current report on August reveals prices that are even lower! Take a look:

The inventory of homes for sale in Jacksonville, 9,399, shared a median of $159,900 – that’s a whopping 5.9% decline over the previous month. Now, the new home median of $207,790 is a little higher, sure – but that’s a pretty good median for brand new homes in one of the most popular states in which to live. Bottom line: Jacksonville, FL is a buyer’s market. If you have a desire to live in this fantastic city, contact a good local expert to begin the buying process. After all, you never know how long a great deal will last. 


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