August 31 2009

Green Home Info NC

by brook

WNCGBC Green Building

As we’ve discussed before, there’s a difference between new home communities that claim to be sustainable or green, and those that are verified by an independent organization. Many states have said organizations for the purpose of making this distinction; for example, California. Another state concentrated group for green building is the Western North Carolina Green Building Council. By compiling information regarding green building in NC in one concise database, the WNCGBC is a service to builders and consumers alike.

What type of information can be found? To start, there are dozens of links to various informative documents; just a few topics that can be researched include green industry news, government resources, and common environmental concerns like water conservation and air quality. Resources for solar power and sustainable materials can be found as well; and, of course, information on green homes for sale in NC.

The WNCGBC was formed around a common desire to educate others on the health and environmental impacts of design and construction. Just as the California Certified Green Builder program was founded as an educational resource for builders, the North Carolina council offers classes, seminars, and presentations as well. If you’re a buyer seeking green homes for sale in NC, be sure to ask potential builders if they are familiar with WNCGBC. If they have worked with the organization, you can be assured of their green credentials!


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