August 28 2009

Benefits Of Green Roofing With Solar Power Panels

by racheal

Solar Power

Solar Power is a non polluting energy source that offers you an opportunity to consume less energy and help to conserve the environment. Plus benefits of green roofing with solar power panels, depending on your usage habits, may even be able to save a few more dollars with lower electric bills every month so you can take advantage of the benefits of a green home. When the system creates more electricity than your home consumes, the electric meter spins backward and you receive credit from your local utility. Producing renewable energy naturally by solar power which is a non-polluting energy source this process also offsets peak electricity usage. Solar Power helps to predict and fix your monthly expenses and protects against rising energy prices. Solar Power helps your pockets as while as making living “Green” as easy as a flip of a switch with Solar Power reducing oil and natural gas use by offsetting peak electricity demand.

Basic facts about solar energy:
•Sun rays produce solar energy and is capable to reach the earths surface.
•These sun rays are where we get our light and heat.
•Solar Energy: using energy from the sun.
•Solar Power: use of the sun’s energy for electricity.
•Solar Energy and Solar Power is the cleanest form of energy and does not cause greenhouse gas emissions, making your home a Green home!

The benefits of roofing with solar power are numerous and may easily become the most important energy source of energy for new green homes in the near future due to the fact that solar power is a renewable resource of energy. Solar power, unlike oil, is non-polluting and usage does not produce any greenhouse gases. Perhaps thought the best part or solar energy is that energy from the sun is free! Once you set up your solar panels or solar thermal collectors your energy is now free. Plus not to mention that solar panels qualify for an energy tax credit! 

Green Living With Solar Panles

Facts about Solar Panels:
•Solar Panels need very little maintenance, due to the fact that there are no moving parts.
•Solar cells may last a lifetime.
•Solar power energy offers a multipurpose energy source that can power cars, water heaters, fountains, and satellites within your home.

Solar power panels on the roof also adds to the value of your home. With the housing market on a slow down, considering a solar power system for your home may help add to the allure and resale value of a home. A home with Solar Panels is very tempting to potential new home buyers by offering a fixed electric bill. Adding resale value to your home in a huge benefit of green roofing with solar power panels! 

What are the downsides of solar panels?
Although solar panels seem to be a win-win for the environment and your pocket, not everything is perfect. Sunlight, which is needed for solar panels to work, is not always an available resource. For example, solar panels would be a bigger benefit for homes in states like Arizona and California then in state like Washington where cloudy days are a very common.

Do solar power panels work at night?
Yes it’s true that solar panels can only gather energy for the sun during the day but, solar panels draw the power from the sun into a battery source for latter use. For example outdoor solar lights you see on the roads draw energy during the day to power them at night.

How are solar powers good for the environment?
Roofing with solar power panels are energy efficient and do not emit harmful emissions or hazardous waste. Plus solar panels are an easy way to live green. Plus being a self-replenishing energy source there is no way of running out of it. Unlike fossil fuels which most of the world populations get their energy needs and produce greenhouse gases, is a limited resource.

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3/7/2011 10:02:30 AM #

Both solar panels and green roofs are eco-friendly construction possibilities that have been embraced in modern housing and new additions to old houses in the city and country alike.

SIPs United Kingdom |

10/10/2011 8:15:15 PM #

Solar roofing provides so many economic benefits, that despite its initial costs, it is ultimately a major investment towards both your home/building and your savings account. If you have decided to or are considering converting to a solar roof solution, you should most definitely speak with an expert. Our contractors can do a full inspection of your roof and advise where and how to install solar roofing systems for ultimate efficiency and effectiveness.

Roofing Vancouver United States |

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