August 27 2009

Top Green Builders: New York

by brook

New York Green Homes For Sale

Perhaps you would like to purchase a green home, but already have your heart set on a specific community development – that isn’t green. Is it possible to modify a house into a green home, by hiring a contractor to remodel it in a sustainable fashion? Sure! If you seek out a company that offers green home building and remodeling, it’s possible to request environmentally sound paint coats, conservation-conscious plumbing alterations, even installations of Energy Star windows or appliances. First, though, you need to find a company that can implement your plans in a way that is exactly what you’re looking for: a firm like Absolute Green Homes.

East coast builder Absolute Green Homes is a top green builder specializing in constructing green homes for sale in New York's Westchester County, and is also licensed to build in Connecticut. However, this is one green home builder with a double specialty; they also offer green-friendly remodeling for existing homes. Kitchens, bathrooms, additions, attic/basement transformations, even exterior changes…Absolute Green Homes does it all. For their commitment to outstanding design and diligent green building practices, they’ve been featured in magazine photo spreads and even received award recognition – including a NAHB Green Building Award in 2008.

With help from a green home builder that does remodeling as well, any home can become a green home. Companies like Absolute Green Homes are paving the way for other builders to follow suit, so searching for a green home remodeler in your area may yield some great results. It could be well worth your time!


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