August 25 2009

D.R. Horton New Homes Feature 100 Percent ENERGY STAR!

by racheal

For D.R. Horton to be successful in this challenging market, they realized they must build the most energy efficient homes in the area to gain a leg up on the competition. This strategy not only made D.R Horton successful but benefited the homeowners’ as well with providing them energy efficient homes that saves them money on their energy bill. D.R Horton accomplished this by partnering with ENERGY STAR.

Energy Star New Homes By D.R. Horton

D.R. Horton was able to rapidly draw interested home buyers by offering an “environmentally friendly” package including the ENERGY STAR ALP (Advanced Lighting Package) as a standard feature in all new homes for sale. Adding even more value to their affordable new homes, like Bakersfield, California’s Montelena community. Rich Coyle, the division purchasing director, comments that buyers “immediately recognize ENERGY STAR,” and leading them to prefer D.R. Horton new homes for their ENERGY STAR benefits features that direct homeowners to both energy savings and environmental protection.

D.R. Horton just doesn’t promote the ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package because of increased profitability and quick home sales, but they realize the benefits of a green home. The ability to protect the environment while staying ahead of the competition and allowing them to commitment to higher quality products are all benefits of building energy efficient homes.

Energy Star Features In The Kitchen

Not only does D.R. Horton feature 100 percent ENERGY STAR ALP qualified fixtures as standard in every home, D.R. Horton is happy to announce that they also offer three “luxury” ENERGY STAR qualified upgrade selections. The standard package offers polished brass fixtures, while the “luxury” upgrades offers deluxe fixtures from the Serenity or Brandywine families that are all manufactured by Sea Gull Lighting. New homeowners can go to D.R. Horton’s design center to decide on their “luxury” lighting fixtures.

D.R. Horton new homes feature 100 percent ENERGY STAR qualified fixture package. Plus a three ENERGY STAR qualified lighting improvement options featuring Brandywine and Sea Gull Lighting’s Serenity families. Coyle comments that for new home buyers, viewing the fixtures is “a very positive experience, people are pleasantly surprised to learn that the beautiful fixtures are also ENERGY STAR qualified.”



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