August 21 2009

Top Green Builders: Seattle

by brook

Chaffey New Custom Homes For Sale

Another category of honors recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) 10th annual National Green Building Conference on May 11 was Best Custom Home. What company built custom green homes with outstanding adherence to NAHB’s Model Green Home Building Guidelines in 2008? Chaffey Homes, located in Kirkland, Washington.

Chaffey Homes believes that selecting a custom built home begins with finding the best combination of perfected craftsmanship and outstanding value. Therefore, it’s only natural that they embrace this belief by offering an array of home buying and design choices. Additionally, they understand that your home is where your investment - and your memories - will grow. Fortunately, they don’t use those principles as an excuse to limit themselves when it comes to sustainable building. Chaffey Homes has evidently mastered the art of creating the whole package – an environmentally friendly home with a family’s needs at heart.

Luxury New Energy Star Kitchens

It started when growing national awareness of the need for a greener world first surfaced. Chaffey Homes took an active role by starting to enhance their building practices to comply with the regulations for Energy Star and Built Green. The result was added confidence and lower ownership costs for Chaffey Home’s owners; and, better performance of the homes’ energy functions. When owners are experiencing lower utility bills and increased protection from the elements, pollution, and noise, their overall quality of living is improved significantly – all because of the construction and craftsmanship of their home! Congratulations to Chaffey Homes on this accomplishment!   


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