August 19 2009

Pulte. Building Energy Efficient Homes With Energy Star!

by racheal

Pulte Homes integrates many energy efficient practices and "green" products in their new home communities across the country. For new home buyers a greater energy efficient new home translates into long-term savings, smart use of natural resources, and a comfortable home environment for their families.

Pulte is building energy efficient homes with energy star! Here are just some ways Pulte Homes creates a better-performing new home that embrace both longevity, cost-savings, and ENERGY STAR benefits:

Pulte New Energy Efficient Homes

Right-Size HVAC: The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is designed exclusively for the size and layout of your home. Properly sized HVAC equipment will run for a longer period of time with a lower rate of energy use, keeping your new home at a steady, comfortable temperature and expanding the life of your HVAC equipment. The HVAC system's return air grilles and multiple air ducts that help to reduce energy usage, stimulate fresh air ventilation, and lower humidity.

An Overall Tight Building Envelope: An Envelope is like the "skin" of your new home. Sealing air helps increase energy saving and lowers your energy use. Pulte uses Dow's WEATHERMATE Plus in many new homes, which acts as a shielding "jacket" to defend the home against moisture intrusion and air penetration.

Low-E Windows: Low-E (Low Emissivity) windows feature a metallic coating between two panels of glass that help to block out unwanted ultraviolet (UV) light and the sun's heat. This allows an energy efficient new home by minimizing allowed heat in the home and minimizing the sun's damage to the upholstery and carpet fabrics in the home. Not only will you save money with longer lasting upholstery and carpet, but there is a tax credit for energy efficient windows in new homes.

Energy Star: Pulte Homes are built under new home Energy Star ratings that receive the government's ENERGY STAR label. To meet Energy Star strict guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pulte Homes' ENERGY STAR qualified homes have to be at least 15% more energy efficient than the standard home.

Energy Star Appliances: Many Pulte Homes new communities now include Energy Star appliances as a standard in new home. According to the Department of Energy, all Energy Star appliances use 10-15% less energy and water then standard models when certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Appliances and lighting account for more than one-third of the average homeowner’s utility bill according to the DOE. So including energy efficient appliances can translate into a considerable amount of savings.

Pulte Homes is providing energy efficient new homes across the country and new home buyers are realizing the importance of energy savings all the while enjoying a more comfortable home. Take for example Pulte Homes energy efficient Villa Trieste, Las Vegas new community, provided with SunPower® solar roof paneling,

 /></p> <p class=environments for Living®-diamond level package, 100% ENERGY STAR® certified, envelope insulation system with blown-in cellulose, Low-E dual pane windows with vinyl frames, 15 SEER-rated air conditioning system, Rinnai® tankless water heater, energy efficient gas furnace jump ducts from all bedrooms, and pre-wire for ceiling fans in master bedroom and great room. Each one of these amenities is developed to provide the most energy efficient home. Pulte Homes continues to research and implement ground-breaking products and practices for smart, sustainable, and energy efficient new home communities.


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