August 12 2009

Homes for Sale - Tulsa Market Conditions July 2009

by brook

With the popularity of commuter-friendly cities on the rise, many buyers are looking to go where the drive time to work is guaranteed to be stress-free. On that note, guess what city was determined to have the second-lowest commute time in the nation? None other than Tulsa, OK – a city that also boasts affordable home prices, low interest rates, and a great tax rebate for first-time buyers.

Tulsa New Homes For Sale

In the second quarter of 2009, Tulsa’s average sales price showed an increase of 2% over the first quarter average. If you’re a prospective buyer, don’t let a little price increase frighten you; this is still 7% less than the second quarter average of 2008. Also, remember that interest rate? It’s currently around 5.5% for many qualified buyers. That’s almost reason enough to inquire about homes for sale in Tulsa; but there’s actually more! In addition to these advantages, there is a possible $8,000 income tax rebate for Tulsa’s first-time buyers.     

If buying a home in Tulsa is a long time off, it’s important to check the market conditions at regular intervals to keep yourself updated; but, if you’re ready to start looking at properties, this is a great time to contact an agent to set up some viewing appointments.


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