August 6 2009

Pardee Homes - Leader In Building Green Homes

by racheal

Pardee Homes has a true Hollywood story. In Hollywood, 1921 an A-list celebrity was looking for a first-class custom home builder. This celebrity was Will Rogers and the perfect builder for the job was George Pardee, founder of the now Pardee Homes company.

The same standards that put Pardee Homes at the top of their game in the ‘20s have kept them there for 87 years. Pardee Homes is the top five builders within their regional markets, developing master-planned communities and new homes in California and Nevada.

Pardee Homes is not only known for their exceptional quality and luxurious designs, but Pardee Homes have been a leader in building green homes since 1998, long before “GREEN” became trendy. With the announcement of an expanded commitment that all newly designed homes will feature an all-inclusive approach to earth-friendly and energy-saving designs. This amazing program is called LivingSmart® . Pardee Homes has made it a win-win for both the environment as well as homeowners. Homeowners get a new home thats looking out for their family’s well-being and their wallet year round. With EnergySmartTM, EarthSmartTM, WaterSmartTM and HealthSmartTM features, the LivingSmart program provides conservation, preservation and reduction of environment usage to help protect the environment.

With over a decade of building green homes and energy-efficient new homes, Pardee Homes has built more than 24 LivingSmart and 14 California Green Builder-certified new communities. Starting in 1998 when Pardee Homes helped pioneer the EPA's Energy Star® program, by building energy-efficient homes that exceeded code by 15% or more, to the 2009 pledged of 100% commitment to building LivingSmart homes in all future developments. Making Pardee Homes a true ENERGY STAR builder!

Selected Pardee Homes communities in the San Diego and Los Angeles regions, like Bridle Ridge, are certified California Green Builder neighborhoods. This means these new homes for sale offer significant improvements in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort, on-site waste recycling, and water and wood conservation. Many homebuyers prefer CGB-certified homes because they save money on energy costs and protect the environment all at the same time. Because Pardee Homes has proven they know the benefits of a green home, Pardee has won numerous awards in the green home categories. For example in 2006, Pardee Homes won the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Pardee Homes, Portico community, won Sustainable Community of the Year.


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We should all play our part by adopting environmental friendly  options  and save the world resources and stop pollution.

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