August 6 2009

Homes for Sale - Charlotte Market Conditions July 2009

by brook

The largest city in either of the Carolinas, Charlotte has enjoyed stable market conditions for quite awhile. In fact, forecasters have predicted that real estate in Charlotte, NC is on track to compete with cities like Atlanta (in terms of size and opportunity) within the next couple of decades.

Although figures are not yet available for the final weeks of July 09, the June reports are in; and they indicate some great deals for buyers in Charlotte this summer. With an average sales price for single-family homes of $243,218, and condos/townhomes at $174,765, it seems that the city known for its balance of urban center and Southern elegance is currently among the nation’s most affordable quality markets.

Charlotte Market Conditions For New Homes

This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, as the average price appreciation across the entire Charlotte area began flattening at the onset of 2009. Although prices have been on a slow decline as the year progressed, the stability of recent results leads experts to believe that they may finally bottom out soon. Sure, that’s good news for sellers; but what about buyers? Not to worry; Charlotte’s new home market has lent itself toward a vast array of unprecedented buyer incentives on newly constructed homes. So, if a suburban home, new urban village development, or even waterfront living in Charlotte is of interest to you, now may be the right time to inquire.


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