August 2 2009

Green Home Condos in New York City

by jim

New York New Green Condos For Sale

New York City is known for clinging to progressive ideals as much as it is known for its hustle and bustle. While said ideals are quite conducive with a green lifestyle, the aforementioned bustle and its resulting pollution is not. Despite this, there are still great housing options available to those looking for a green retreat in New York City.

One luxury residence that is making a name for itself is Kalahari, located in Harlem. Yes, Harlem! Today’s Harlem residents are an incredibly diverse bunch, and the community is becoming known as a great place to invest in classic New York brownstones and high rise apartments for a far better price tag than in other boroughs. Taking that into consideration, the team that put the plans for these 250 environmentally responsible units created what they call an “architectural tribute” to the history and character of the Harlem community. Sub-Saharan Africa was the inspiration for the design, both interior and exterior, of these green-friendly New York City apartments.

Better still, those who are long-time Harlem community residents are offered an even more affordable rate than the high $600,000’s cost for a Kalahari home. Another half of the units are sold at market rate. The builders find that this is a more “fair and equitable” method of doing business with green-minded consumers.

What else is green about Kalahari? Sustainable bamboo strip floors, large windows to encourage natural light instead of electric, and Energy Star appliances – to name a few features. Built to the U.S .Green Building Council's LEED Silver Standards, Kalahari is in a new category of “hybrid homes” designed with the goal of limiting impact on the environment – while still providing luxurious and modern resources, of course.

But what would a green home be without lush vegetation? Landscaped courtyards are one of Kalahari’s proudest features, and outdoor recreation options are within the amenities. In keeping with its socially-conscious theme, the building is home to a reputable Harlem afterschool program – making it a great option for families looking to relocate.

To check out Kalahari, stop in and request a tour at 40 West 116th St., Harlem, NY 10026; or, call (212) 348-0090 for more information.


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