August 1 2009

Successful New Home Shopping

by jim

Whether your new home search begins online or with the guidance of an agent, it can be easy to let “the good ones” slip by. Sometimes, potential buyers view so many properties that they forget which ones they liked best (and why). This can even be the case when one is looking through various new home communities. That said, how can you stay on the right track towards finding the home that best fits your needs? 

One way to ensure that the home you purchase is the home you really want: Commit yourself to circumventing a prolonged home search. What does this mean? One analogy is the shopping mall method; buyers should almost always avoid it. Never heard of this? Think of it this way: You know what you want (let’s say it’s a black dress). You know that the mall is the best place to find that dress. At the first store, you find two or three dresses that fit your criteria: the color you need, perfect for the occasion, and competitively priced. So, you choose one of these; right?

Unfortunately, many shoppers do not. Instead, they continue to trek through the mall – and not necessarily for the right reasons. The fact is, most people who scour the mall for hours on end do so for the mere sake of continuing the search. It’s the “thrill of the hunt” principle. But chances are, shoppers like this will either a.) Go back to the original store and purchase one of the dresses they tried on in the first place (sure, they get the dress they want, but they waste time that could have been spent more productively; or, b.) Forget how much they liked the original dresses, and buy a less favorable one from a store at the other end of the mall – simply because they are too tired to go keep going.

The point is that searching for a home is nearly the same – except, a home is by far a more important purchase than a piece of apparel. Looking for a home with the shopping mall method is not only risky – it can result in a grave disappointment. When you find that perfect home (or dress!), it’s better to go with your gut and take the plunge. Chances are, you will be far more satisfied with your decision in the long-term. 

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