August 1 2009

New Homes With Retro Feel: Yes, They Do Exist!

by jim

It’s no secret that those who have an affinity for older, more distinct looking estates tend to avoid brand new homes. Unfortunately, most home buyers who insist on an older home for the sake of that vintage appearance are oblivious to the fact that it is possible to find a newly-built residence with an authentically retro feel.

Sure, you’ve probably heard that claim before, and were perhaps disappointed to find that the “traditional” or “classic” home you inquired about was a poorly executed fabrication. Let’s face it: Some archetypal designs are more authentic than others. Case in point: Two refreshingly retro communities from MI Homes, the Centennial 60’s and Centennial 70’s Homesites.

The names say it all: From the grounds of the communities to the home plans themselves, both of these phases are the real deal. The builder took a cue from those features that we’ve come to appreciate (and miss!) the most from small-town neighborhoods. These are the touches we associate with apple pie Americana and our favorite old TV shows: large front yards; facades that boast shingles or brick in eye-pleasing patterns; and, of course, beautifully-shaped windows. Even the paint colors – gold and avocado of the 60’s, and the coffee-inspired tones of the 70’s – remain consistent with the minimalist designs that enjoyed a heyday in these decades. Not your thing? Not to worry! Many of the plans feature softer paint tone options as well.

The builder calls these two communities reminiscent of a “simpler time,” and they’ve carried out the vision masterfully. For instance, what would a neighborhood of days gone by be without gathering areas that evoke the ambiance of those decades? For those who value the full package, the Centennial Homesites share a clubhouse and pool that could easily pass as a country club scene in a 1960’s film. Just off to the side, a modern playground offers the safety of current amenities, with the charm of an antiquated park setting.

Descriptions and photos may be helpful, but a visit to the Centennial Homesites can instantly transport you to the decade of your choice. Check them out at 14825 Rosemary Way Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078. Hours are Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, and Sun 12pm-6pm. The office can be reached at 704-766-0801.


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